In order to find out what love is we must first decide what love is not.

In today’s day and world it is common to relive experiences that lead us to moments where we look back and recognize lack of love. Where we think “What-ifs” and “If-onlys” as we watch our soul disappear into the flavor of another obsession.

Food. Exercise. Drinks. More drinks. Texts and IG posts. Likes and follows. A never-ending stream of ego-based consciousness that arises as we seek the next short-term gratifications and run from the emptiness that threatens our very being.

The emptiness, that, would, in fact heal all of humanity. Because in the emptiness is the being. The being that is unconditional love. The being that is unconditional resolve to grow, grow beyond our human desires and grow into the beautiful selves we are meant to become in this incarnation that is life.

Ah, beauty. A word that lives with love. Beautiful, beauty, beauteous. A word that brings intense satisfaction to the mind and pleasure to the soul.

Beauty & love. Two words that I strive to live every day. To embody every day.

What are your words? What satisfies your soul? What bring solace to your aching heart and peace to your mind?

Namaste, friends.


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