And then I begin to wonder, does anyone feel how I do? That sense of angst, loneliness, despair and suffering that we willingly put ourselves through to grow? The feeling that we could be masking this unhappiness, this depression, this hollow, emptiness with something quick – a quick fix – alcohol, relationships, exercise, or social media. But we know it will only give us that short-term high that we crave…Never leaving us fulfilled but only wanting more.

And so I just sit with the emptiness, the lack, the hollow feeling in my heart, hoping one day for it to be filled with an unconditional love that never leaves. Or I can dream.

Does anyone else feel this way? Has anyone else experienced the short-term fixes, realized they haven’t worked, and decided to just sit with the empty feeling inside?

Or is it just me…Namasté, friends.

P.S. Photo feat. my brother, who got me through a very deep depression.


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