It’s such a simple word that conveys the highest level of spiritual endowment. To be grateful is to feel love, to dance because you have limbs, to move through spirit and to give without reservation, all while trusting that the universe is taking care of you. Loves you.

Wants you to be joyful. Run without abandon. Breathe in love, freedom, and peace. Exhale fear, stresses, and despair. Sit with the awareness that we are one. One in our hopes and one in our homes. That when we sing, we sing with the unified embrace that we are all here to fulfill the same purpose.

To love, to breathe, and to embrace all emotions, all thoughts, all words, and all beings while holding the awareness that it all serves a Higher Purpose.

Today, I am grateful for the expression of words on a computer that can bring contentment to my soul and fulfillment to my heart. I am grateful for it all. Fear, love, sadness, joy, anger, and peace. It means I am alive.

And to be grateful is to feel alive.


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